Nglish College Writing: MacbethOR The Eumenides”

Write 1000 words on one of the two essay Questions:

In The EumenidesAthena tells her audience to practice Neither anarchy nor tyranny, my people. Worship the Mean, I urge you, shore it up with reverence and never banish terror from the gates, not outright.Does Athena put this advice into practice herself in the course of the play? Why or why not? Use 2-3 examples to prove your case.

Why does Banquos ghost appear as he does to Macbeth? In addition to reasons provided by the plot, consider Banquos role within the play, Macbeths own evolution, and the overall structure and purposes of the play. Try to consider at least three justifications for Banquos appearance, and to tie them together into an argument about what the ghost is doing in this scene.