Nglish colonization on the indigenous peoples of the New World in the 16th and 17th centuries.

This is what my professor is requesting

All of your papers should be double-spaced, with one-inch margins and in tenor twelve-point type.
You must include endnotes or footnotes and a bibliography, both in the Chicago style.

1. Title Page. This should include the title of your paper, your name, and your class number. This should be its own page; it doesnt count toward your minimum length, however.

2. Introduction. Dont just jump into your topic and expect your reader to figure out what points youre making as the essay goes along. Include an introduction, which should include the statement of your topic your thesis. Given the brevity of these essays, the introduction should not be longer than a half a page or so, and should briefly explain the parts of the paper that will follow.

3. Main Body. This is where you can expand upon your topic, using references, anecdotes, and drawing your conclusions from what youve presented. When youre organizing your thoughts, consider how youre going to use your evidence to support whatever argument youre making–that is, what organization will allow you to make your point or points most effectively. You should also be sure to cite all of the sources that you use, either when youve quoted directly from them OR when youve used information from them, even if that information is reworded.

4. Conclusion. Sum it all up. Remind your readers of where theyve been and why they should believe the interpretations youve constructed from the evidence youve presented.

5. Bibliography. This should go on a separate page from the last page of your paper, should be clearly labeled Bibliography,and, like your title page, does not count toward your overall paper length. Your bibliography should include all of the works you cited in the main body, and any others that may have influenced your thinking, even if you didnt use them directly. Again, use formal, correct Chicago bibliographic style. I will deduct points for improperly-cited works.

You must use at least two reputable outside sources that are not assigned as part of the class reading. You should use books from the library, or articles from scholarly journals, which you can access through the libraryas article databases. To access those databases, go to: