Nglish Comp-analysis essay using inductive reasoning

The purpose of student essays is for you to demonstrate your understanding of the readings and exhibit
you extend analysis and application of thought. Essays need to go beyond classroom discussion and
should not summarize. All essays are to be typed, double-spaced in black ink; 4-6 pages in length. All
essays will use MLA style for quotations. The appropriate MLA citation must be noted on a works cited
page. (That page will not count towards the total pages).

1. How is the process of enlightenment in i??The Library Cardi?? the same or different than the
enlightenment which Plato describes? Use the essay by Wright to support your argument.i??

Use inductive reasoning to structure your essay.
Inductive reasoning is where a known idea or quality is examined and then with that
understanding another unknown idea is examined against that criteria. Consider science. When
a new animal is discovered, biologists and other scientists examine that animali??s characteristics
and categorize it based on the qualities that are known. Mammals breath air through lungs,
keep a relatively constant temperature and have live young. Where as a reptile breathes air,
does not keep a constant temperature and has young in eggs. So the new animal is compared
to the criteria to determine if it is a mammal or reptile or other species.
For your essay, begin with the definition or known criteria then apply those ideas to your topic.