Nglish Composition (Comparison / Contrast)

Step 1: Review the section on Comparison Contrast in Chapter 10 in the Wordsmith: Guide to College Writing textbook.

Step 2: Write a one-page comparison/contrast essay.
Use a word processor (such as MS Word) to compose a 1-page comparison/contrast essay. You have several options for this assignment. You may do one of the following:

1. Compare online to on-ground education.

2. Compare a book youve read to the movie adaptation (such as Lord of the Rings, A.I., or The Color Purple).

3. Compare parenting styles.

4. Choose your own topic. The topic should be approved by your instructor.

As with all the essays you write, consider what your topic has to offer your reader. Ask yourself why this comparison would be interesting and/or relevant to your audience.