Nglish composition Writing Skills and Techniques db 1

Select a topic for your Unit 1IP argument essay and use prewriting strategies (free writing, mapping, clustering, brainstorming) to explore a specific issue related to it. Develop a thesis statement and supporting points for your essayas content. Consider your purpose as you plan your essay. The purpose of your essay may be to evaluate, to solve a problem, to analyze causes and effects, or to argue a disputable fact. Discuss your ideas with peers and provide feedback on their ideas as you respond to discussion board postings.


Choose one of the following specific issues related to a topic below:

Criminal Justice (reducing juvenile delinquency; prison overcrowding; DUI problem in rural areas; human trafficking in United States; police misconduct; treatment of mentally ill in prison; prison privatization; medical negligence inside prisons; effects of justice system on families/children)