Nglish essay (The Bedford reader: page 591 In bed”)

Recently we read In Bedabout Joan Didions lifelong struggle with migraine headaches. First, please read In Bedagain, starting on Page 591 of The Bedford Reader.

Then write an essay in which you answer one of the following questions:

#3 under “Questions on Meaningon Page 595.
While imparting facts about migraine, what does Didion simultaneously reveal about her own personality?

#1 under “Questions on Languageon Page 595.
How would you characterize Didions word choice: colorful, utilitarian, flowery, careless, or lyrical? Support your answer with examples.

#3 under Suggestions for Writingon Page 596, where TONEis the writers attitude toward her subject.
Critical writing : Write an essay examining Didions TONE. Are there passages in which she seems self pitying? Courageous? Determined? Resigned? Triumphant? What is the overall tone of the essay? Is it effective? Why?

Be sure that your essay follows the guidelines we studied for the structure of an essay: an introductory paragraph containing your thesis, background of your subject, and the list of three proofs; then a body paragraph for each proof. Be sure that each body paragraph begins with a strong topic sentence listing the proof, its connection to your thesis, and a device of coherence.

All of your paragraph should be–
Active voice (no passive voice)
Present tense
Declarative mood (no questions or exclamations)
Third person (no Ior You”)
paper should be 500word between 600.