Nglish Extended Essay: How Dan Brown treats science and religion in Angels and Demons

I am preparing to pass an IB program, with an Extended Essay,which I chose to write in English, as it is my Language B.
The topic is to analize the novel by Dan Brown Angel and Demons showing the confrontation between Science vs Religion throughout the book.
It is important to show what the author truly thinks about the subject, quoting references from the book and to underline the true facts about religion and science you can find in the book,together with the evidence of fiction.
It should also illustrate what we can find nowadays in the world about this eternal struggle between religion and science,with examples from magazines or newspapers articles.
The conclusion should be on how we should perceive the book in reality.
Resuming the extended essay: Introduction (500 words)
How the author treats science
How the author treats religion
What is the main porpose of the book
How science and religion are in reality