Nglish for Special purposes program design

Dear writer
I have an assignment about designing a program for 2nd language learners for specific purposes. here you will find the assignments guidline and I will also attache the marking sheet in which the main points that my professor will evaluate the assignment:

Design a program in English for Specific Purposes for a group of students arriving in your particular area. (eg. Your program may be a ten-week ESP course. Your students may be adult learners or university students etc.). You will need to select a Specific Purpose (eg. Airline pilots, nurses, electronics engineers, soldiers, migrant workers, exchange students etc.) you put forward an ESP program proposal. The proposal should include (1) a brief description of your students and their special needs and your expectation on their learning outcomes (eg. skills, knowledge, etc); (2) selected resources such as textbooks, tapes or reference materials; (3) a number of teaching strategies and learning activities; (4) some ideas of the type of assessment in order to be able to ascertain whether students would be able to cope comfortably with their specific Purpose environment. Please note that you do not need to provide detailed lesson plans but work out guidelines for a program plan.