Nglish Immersion in Early Childhood K-3

The individual academic paper should include the following sections, conform to the page lengths specified, and address each of the items listed in the major sections.

A. Introduction to the Issue (minimum one page in length)
Present a general overview of the topic.
” Present the issue s roots in historical philosophies of early childhood education.
” Discuss the importance for early childhood educators.
” Why has this topic become an  issue ?

B. The Debate (minimum 3-5 pages in length)
Explain the debate.
” Describe the argument and position on each side of the debate.
” Explain the significance to contemporary society.
” Present the relevant viewpoints with 3-5 supporting statements.
” Provide citations within your text for each side of the debate using APA style.

C. Advocacy for One Side of the Debate (minimum 2-3 pages in length)
In collaboration with your partner, decide who will take the  pro side and who will take the  con side on your selected issue. Assume the position of a person advocating for that side of the debate and do the following:
” Provide a rationale for this advocacy position.
” Substantiate your position with 3-5 facts and the  personal thinking that resulted in your advocacy.
” Outline how you would implement this advocacy position into your practice as an early childhood educator.
” To support this stance, provide citations within your text using APA style.

This is an academic paper. As such it needs to be a rigorous presentation of your ideas with research to support those ideas. References need to be from reputable academic references such as peer-reviews journals and academic texts (no Wikipedia). A limited number of non-academic websites may be used to illustrate the issue.

Points may be deducted from the total for not following traditional academic protocol for written content, spelling, sentence structure, grammar, punctuation and word choice. Appropriate citations are expected throughout the paper and in APA format. Provide a bibliography at the end of your paper that sites your references.