Nglish language acquisition in a multilingual primary school in london.

1.At least a review of ten journals, articles or books.
2.describe aspects of research process relevant to a chosen field of study.
3. select and implement appropriate analytical techniques
4. constructively critique the reserach of others, identify the strengthand weakness in thechnique, analysis and conclusion.
5. identify the nature and sources of information and data needed to write a research proposal and reports.
6. Select techniques appropriate for research in a field of study. (children and languages)
7. aims and objectives of the title; answer at least three questions from the relevant title, focussed, relevant and reflects content, identify general topic. outline issues to be addressed, link relevant theories/ debates. three questions i intend to answer at the end of my project are; a. do children who learn more than one language get confused, does bilingualism affect performance in school and how do parents and teachers contribute to thr early language development of students.
8.explain the methods to be used, rationale for methods chosen, detail of how data will be collected, external contact identified and discribed.
9. ethical considerations detailed and discussed
10. analysis of skills required to conduct research.
11. A literature review of 10-5 journal or articles which should be organised thematically, leads into the empirical research, biblography should be wide ranging and follow academic conventions.
12. Layout should have alpha numerical section headings/sub headings, consistent bulleting, use of front/italics for emphasis/ordering and refrencing appropriately.
13. languae should be clear, coherent expression and error free. spelling and grammar accurate and consistent. correct use of punctuations.
havard refrencing