Nglish language and its culture (intercultural) in language learning.

Hi there,
Actually i am working on my Masters thesis and i need help in some chapters. The area of my research is about the integration of language and its culture in language learning. the third chapter will be the methodology of document analysis. the 4th will be analyzing some Saudi English textbooks. I want someone who has a (((((well background))))) about the topic and in writing thesis. In fact the last time i dealt with your site i was not satisfied with the writer and i had to re-do the work!!!

This chapter is about the methodology of Document analysisor Discourse analysis”. This requires a high level of critical writing but please bear in mind that i am not a native speaker.

This needs to be about 5000 words and in APA style only. You will find attached the introduction and the literature review chapters , so that you can have a general background about the topic and my English level as well.
Please be accurate about the way of referencing in-text and in the reference list.

Finally please i need this chapter to be done within the given time.