NGLISH LANGUAGE Language in Theory and Practice

Could I please be sing in with #22793 Writer.

This assessment is another/final part of the Language in Theory and Practicetopic I have already introduced to you before. It is very much related to both of my previous orders, so please keep this in mind while completing this one.

I have collected the data from a range of men and women magazines (5 technology gadgets advertisements that will be uploaded as jpg files). The purpose/ideology was: Advertisements in Mens and Womens magazines.
Sexism/sexist discourse in the adverts, and the ideology behind this.
Ecology/destructive discourse in the adverts, and the ideology behind this.
How these two connect (men/women encouraged to buy certain products, effect on social behaviour and the environment).”

Keeping the above topic as a main focus, this essay will need to comment on the form of the data (i.e., the linguistic/visual features that make up the text) and what the form implies for the meaning. The data will have to be analyzed by using the ideas of linguistics and multi-modal analysis. The essential information would be:
Feminist approaches / Spender useful for gender topics
-Language and ecology useful when considering ecological aspects
-Fairclough describes the basics of Critical Discourse Analysis
-CDA toolkit
-Multimedia analysis essential when looking at visuals as well as text

All the materials will be uploaded in further instructions, as Microsoft office word and pdf documents. I will also upload a general Theories Bookletwhich might be useful and helpful. At last VERY IMPORTANT ASSIGNMENT CRITERIA: ” You will need to demonstrate the ability to accurately recognize and label linguistic and visual features using terminology gained from the literature, and then go beyond this to make insightful comments about what those features imply about the meaning of the text. ”

Please make sure you fulfill all the criteria. I realize that there is a lot of to concentrate on so please stay in touch and ask as much as you need. The language of the essay has to be keep very clear and simple can not be to complex. The word count is 2000 or equivalent which is 10% more or less of the 2000 words.

NGLISH LANGUAGE Language in Theory and Practice

Dear Writer (#36310),

As you have completed my first essay within this subject, I would need you to do the other one. This time the size of the work is 3000 words, so selected 2750 words (11 pages) must be completed. The exact title of the essay is highlighted in green in the end of the page of EZ207 module outline file. In this file you will find the whole module description and all the assessment requirements, criteria and special instructions. Please stick to it and answer all the questions directly. In the file called EZ207 Theories Booklet you will find all the necessary reading list and theories that must be used for the assessment. I am a foreign student studying in the UK University so the language style cannot be too complicated and must be easy to read and understand. Please use rather simple sentences and reference a lot. I am sure you remember all those details from the previous work. Please contact me for further information and directions if needed.

Best wishes and good luck,

Marzena Stekla