Nglish law is too generous to secured creditors.Discuss.

I usually write my essays in a specific manner myself and I would appreciate it if this structure was followed by my personal writer. My introduction paragraphs usually contain three things: a) if there are any descriptions/qualifications that need to be made on the basis of explaining the question, I address this firstly; b) after this, I present the reader with the main issues in one or two sentences followed by my main argument (thesis statement of the essay); c) finally, I provide the reader with a direction by laying out the structure of the essay (for example; This essay will firstly explain… It will then be noted that… etc.) Other than this, I make sure that the first couple of sentences of every paragpraph in the essay lines out the main argument of that paragraph so that the reader will have a clear sense of direction and can follow the essay up easily. In analytical Discussthis topic kind of essays, I usually divide the essay into two sections. The first part is more descriptive it lays out the law as it is and the second part is more analytical it moves on to the discussion. With these kind of essays, I try to make sure that the analytical part does not only contain analysis taken from the work of authors or article writers. I then follow this by presenting the reader with more subjective opinions belonging to me. The conclusion should summarise the main arguments in an eloquent manner.