NGLISH LITERATURE Essay: (See Assignment Criteria)

This is a 2,000 word academic essay, of which the subject is the following question/title piece:

Gothic writing typically expresses scepticism over humanitys capacity for rationality and is profoundly interested in irrational forces. Discuss. (in relation to Frankenstein and The Castle of Otranto)

As mentioned it should follow the MHRA style guide for presentation.

I hope this is fairly clear but I will provide additional information:

I have listed the sources as 5, two of which would be Frankenstein and The Castle of Otranto
You could talk about an additional gothic novel/story and add that as a source if you feel it would help substantiate the essay:
Dracula by Bram Stoker would appropiate or Edgar Allan Poes Selected Tales:  William Wilson ;  The Fall of the House of Usher ;  The Murders of the Rue Morgue and  The Black
Or you could use academic journals/essays for further sources.

If you want additional information; here are some pointers for the essay:

-Show a knowledge of the texts in general
-Demonstrate a perceptiveness of the definitive characteristics of the gothic genre
-Show an understanding of the relationships between the texts studied and the historical and cultural conditions that helped to produce them

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Referencing and presentation: MHRA style guide

Frankenstein, Mary Shelley (any edition)

The Castle of Otranto, Horace Walpole (any edition)