Nglish Literature Essay (See below for details)

Answer the following question in relation to the two texts An Inspector Calls and The Cherry Orchard:

Examine the ways in which communication and language might be considered major themes in any two plays we have studied (the above two plays).

OR, you may answer this question instead:

To what extent does drama s power rely upon an audience s ability to identify with characters and narrative? Construct your argument in relation to two plays we have studied (the above two plays).

I have given the option of the second question if you feel that you can contruct a stronger argument with it or if you feel that the first question is a bit limited. But remember one or the other in regards to the questions dont answer both.

If you want additional ideas, you might want to explore the idea of character identity (or lack of) in the plays such as Charlotte in The Cherry Orchard or the mysterious Inspector Goole in Priestleys work.

Ask if you need further info.
The essay should follow the MHRA styleguide
Sources include the two primary texts:
An Inspector Calls by J. B Priestley (any edition)
The Cherry Orchard by Anton Chekhov (any edition)

Include any other sources you think relevant

Nglish Literature Essay (See below for details)

The question and criteria:

5) a?To conquer English may be to complete the process of making ourselves freea (Salman Rushdie). Consider the issues involved in the uses of the English language in the literature we have studied.

You should refer to the work of at least two authors closely, and should be able to show awareness of themes and issues across the module. You should also be familiar with a range of critical reading including (but not limited to) the critical reading that accompanied the weekly lectures. If you consider poetry for your essay you should show broad awareness of the work of the poet considered, and should be able to give detailed attention to at least three poems by that poet.

The two authors you should refer closely to are the above two Chinua Achebe (Things Fall Apart) and Salman Rushdie (Haround and the Sea of Stories). Also there should be some awareness of other texts, below are a few choices (I suggest pick 2), I can provide more if need be

Achebe a?The African Writer and the English Languagea (can find online)
Salman Rushdie, a?Imaginary Homelandsa & a?Commonwealth Literature Does Not Exista
Okpewho, Isidore, Chinua Achebeas Things Fall Apart: A Casebook (Oxford:
Oxford UP, 2003)
Morton, Stephen, Salman Rushdie, New British Fiction (Basingstoke: Palgrave, 2008).
Ama Ata Aidoo, Our Sister Killjoy (any edition)

To reiterate, the focus is on Haroun and the Sea of Stories + Things Fall Apart, the above are for further essay referencing

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