Nglish Literature: Fantasy in the 1890s

Please answer this question in as direct a manner as possible (the first part is a quote, upon which the following question was based around):

Not just a reflex of the expanding publishing industry, the [fantasy] romance revival provided the narratives and figures that enabled late Victorian middle-class culture to successfully accomodate certain historical changes, notably modernizing processes(Nicholas Daly).
To what extent is there a relationship between late Victorian fantasy and modernity?

This paper is for a year 3 module in English Literature.
MLA referancing please.

Please closely refer (as the main text of study) to, and analyse H.G. Wells The Time Machine”, in relation to the question, as laid out in the Assignment Criteria section.

As for relevant critical material that I would like you to use as potential referances, I have supplied a list of texts within the Attached Instructions.
I believe that some are no doubt potentially more useful than others, as I have not had a chance to investigate them all out myself.