Nglish Literature Late 16th & Early 17th Century English Poetry

Please answer this question in the most direct manner as possible:

Discuss how contemporary political and religious beliefs and issues are reflected in the poetry of the period.”

The answer should be presented in a comparative essay format; the comparisons being made should be between the three main texts to be analysed.

As a sidenote, this piece of work is for a third (final) year module in my degree.
MLA referencing please.

It is of the upmost requirement that you directly refer to the works of Sir Philip Sidney, John Donne and George Herbert in referance to the question, as set out in the Assignment Criteria section.

I have included electronic copies of the texts I want studied with my order.

Preferable choices for use as secondary sources are listed within the Attached Instructions also. Most of these are certainly relevent, however, some may be less than others, as I have not had a chance to check them all out first-hand.