Nglish literature Paper. Regarding Childrens Picture books.

To whom it may concern,

The Question: Picture books are complex bi-modal texts in which the visual and verbal strands of meaning collaborate to produce more than the sum of the parts. Compare and contrast the work of 2 picture book creators (individuals or author/illustrator collaborators), showing how the themes of the texts are realized through the verbal-visual collaboration in key examples of their work.

For this essay, i need you to use Maurice Sendaks Where the Wild Things Areand Anthony Brownes Hansel & Gretelfor critical examination.

These are both picture books. My lecturer said that i must compare and contrast both these books and examine them for their visual and textual relationship;how they are used to portray the story and the morals and values. So you might want to look at visual and textual techniques etc.

This is a fairly simple essay as it only has two small childrens picture books to examine. However, it is my final essay for English and is worth 50% of my final mark. It is 1500 words and needs footnoting or in text referencing. Can you also include quotes and analyse them?
Thank you so much, i have another 2 essays to complete myself, so this is much appreciated.