Nglish Literature, Paradise Lost by John Milton

After the fall, Adam and Eve clothe themselves with the leaves of a very strange fig tree, whose appearance Milton describes in Book IX, lines 1101  1114. Why does Milton provide such an elaborate picture of the tree? What does Milton s description tell us about the way the world has changed since the eating of the apple? How does this differ from the metaphoric tree Raphael analyzes in Book V, lines 479  500? Give an example where the fig tree passage in Book IX reminds you of something else you have come across in this poem and describe what you make of the likeness.

This is to be written as a philosophy paper. Please do not substitute simple summary or paraphrase the poem for a genuine attempt at interpretation.

The style of the paper will be graded separately from its contents. So please proper grammar and proper paragraph transitions etc. are a must!

The only source required is Paradise Lost. However, if you would like, you may use up to three sources in the paper. If you do choose to include other sources, please give those critics credit in a footnote as well as in the Bibliography.

Please include parts of the two passages provided above within the paper and do a close reading on them. Paradise Lost must be one of the three optional sources.

I am a junior English major at my university, so please write the paper accordingly...nothing above (graduate level) or below (high school level) my year and writing skill.