Nglish literature: Shelley, Coleridge, and Wordsworth

Please answer each question separately. 1 page per question. Please NO outside sourses except what I gave you. I got an F for using a paper from here that was proven plageriized, please dont do that.

1. Romanticism as Literary Period:

First, carefully read the introductory essays embedded as electronic links for Unit 1: (I will upload for you) Introduction to Romanticismand The Romantic Period: Topics,including Tintern Abbey,Literary Gothicism,The French Revolutionas well as Lyrical Balladsand The Preludeby W. Wordsworth, and Rime of the Ancient Mariner”, “Kubla Khan”, Dejection: An Ode and Biographia Literariaby S. T. Coleridge (should be able to find on net). As you read pay particular attention to the role of the imagination, the human relationship to the natural world, gothic influences, and the importance of the French Revolution on the Romantic writers Wordsworth and Coleridge. Write a thoughtful 200 to 250 word response on whether or not you believe the Lyrical Balladsand the other works reflect key aspects of Romanticism in its attempt to render the lived experience of ordinary individuals.
2. Poet as Prophet:

In the poem Ode to the West WindPercy Bysshe Shelley emphasizes the role of the Poet as prophetTameless, swift, and proudwho will Awaken the masses to their potential(Wu, Romanticism, 821, 859). Wu stresses that Shelley strongly believed in the innate Ability of human beings to resist the oppression of church and state, and realize their power of self-determination(821). Hence, the poets job was to lead humanity toward a more just society. In addition, Shelleys work A Defence of Poetryputs emphasis upon The universal and permanent qualities and values that, he believes, all great poems, as products of imagination, have in common.Moreover, Shelley asserts that The term poet [should] include all creative minds that break out of the conditions of their time and place to envision what he regards as the eternal and general forms of values(Abrams et al, 1768).

After reading Shelleys poems Mutability,Mont Blancand Ode to the West Windas well as A Defence of Poetrydiscuss in a 200 to 250 word passage why Shelley believes that the poet-figure would Awaken the massesand whether or not you believe this sentiment is reflected in his poetic verse.