Nglish Literature The Sandman (E.T.A Hoffman)

Hi, The following is a guideline to writing this Essay. I would like it to be on the significance of eyes in Hoffmans The Sandman, the word limit is 1500 words and it needs to be referenced in the Oxford Style.

The critical analysis requires you to write on a narrow theme therefor It demands that you focus carefully on, and restrict your analysis to the theme of eyes.

do not attempt a comprehensive overview of the topic. You may posit and develop a thesis in which you make a claim and then argue your case. Following this strategy may produce a stronger piece of work.

You should aim to produce concentrated, concise, pieces of writing. To get a good mark make sure you cut all superfluous material  make every word count.

Remember you are NOT writing a summary; you are analysing something particular that is of more general importance to the text. Keep it detailed and focused.

If you wish you can omit introductions and conclusions (this is probably essential if you choose to write two analyses because of the brevity of the pieces).

You are encouraged to use secondary material (critics or theory) if appropriate and helpful, but the emphasis should be on you developing your own ideas.

In your critical analysis you could consider some of the following:

· the significance of your subject to the story (and text) as a whole

· the meanings and implications concentrated in your subject

· the connections or disjunctions between your subject and other significant motifs or facets of the narrative

· the significance of your topic s placings in the narrative

· its role in advancing or delaying the movement and resolution of the narrative

· how your subject is developed as the narrative progresses

· whether (and how) the significance and role of your subject changes

· whether your subject has significant resonances outside the text, for instance with other texts, with cultural artefacts, with history

· if you choose an intradiegetic theme, its relationship to the form of the text, and how the form of the text affects it

So once again, Id like an essay written on the theme of eyes within Hoffmans The Sandman taking into account the module guidelines above. Many Thanks.