Nglish Literature (This is not the title) find common topic between the two.

English 1302 Essay Assignment #1

a?Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?a?, Tall Tales From The Mekong Delta,”. Think of the themes in these stories/plays, such as the human condition, male/female relationships, family relationships, inner struggles, searching for ones identity, loneliness/isolation/alienation vs. connection with others, people at impasses in their lives, choices and consequences, doubt and ambiguity, predatory behavior, guilt, violence, sexuality, social roles, the power/influence of belief in the supernatural. . . . Find a theme or a common thread between two of the works that interests you. (You may also consider point of view, tone/dialogue, setting, and character when analyzing common threads.) While writing your essay, remember that you are clarifying or defending an idea about the works. You are trying to raise a meaningful issue or present an original argument. (See handout on Campus Cruiser Assignments, Week Two, a?How to Write A Literary Analysis Essay.a?)
This essay should be two pages (six paragraphs), typed, double-spaced, and MLA style. (See pp 73-75.) Be sure to spell and grammar check. The first COMPLETE draft is due Monday, 7/18, at the BEGINNING of class. (Bring two copies of draft to class.) The final, revised essay is due Tuesday, 7/19, at the BEGINNING of class.

Book is: Abcarian, Richard and Marvin Klotz and Samuel Cohen. Literature: The Human Experience. Tenth edition. New York: Bedford/St. Martinas, 2010.

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