Nglish-Only: a 7-page-long research essay for writing class

This paper requires you to choose a debatable issue and write a research paper on this issue. Your paper should reflect a clear stance with respect to the issue under discussion. Your paper and point of view should be supported with research material from a minimum of 5 sources (you may use more). The essay has to be persuasive in its tone. The thesis of your paper should be clear and specific. Keep in mind that you are writing for an audience and that the aim of the assignment is to convince your audience of your point of view with respect to the issue under discussion.

-You must cite your sources within your paper using MLA style.
-All papers must include a complete and correct Works Citedpage at the end of the paper.
-Use 3rd person (Do not use Ior You”)
-12font, double space, Times New Roman
-Have own thesis: English-Only education is better than Bilingual education for such reasons: blablabla, blablaba, and blablabla
-topic sentence each paragraph supporting your thesis

This is my professors quideline, so you can follow that rule.
Also, I will give you 5 sources which are related to my thesis. You have to use these materials to support the paper(cite these materials).

Here is the Evaluation Criteria that the professor gave.
1. Original thought, effective expression, and clear communication
2. Superior development of a central thesis
3. Sophisticated, lively, and precise diction
4. Effectively organized paragraphs relevant to the assignment
5. Superior use of transitions/topic sentences
6. Exceptional, detailed, and relevant support of ideas
7. Exceptional use of textual evidence
8. Mastery of grammar and mechanics
9. Mature and diversified sentence structure
10. Fulfills length and category requirements

I need a really sophisticated writer and I heard sometimes you hire a non-native writer (I hope its not true.). If so, I want a native writer who perfectly fine with a grammar issue. I really appreciate it.