Nglish (What kind of advertising is unethical?)

QUESTION: What kind of advertising is unethical?Please note that your paper must be an argument, not a report. In other words, the entire essay should be designed to support a thesis statement through strategic use of your research and through effective use of the rhetorical appeals. This means that you must represent a conflict, including acknowledging opposition, and using research and logic to respond to it. Content: look to see that you have incorporated the following in the paper itself: a? A strong, unique, specific, and compelling thesis a? A fully developed introduction, body, and conclusion a? Strategic incorporation of your research as a means to support your claims through evidence (primary and secondary sources, interviews, statistics, analogies, examples, etc.) a? An articulation of the context and significance of this problem a? Development of your persona and a strong statement of your purpose a? The proposal of some kind of solution to the problem at hand or the delineation of a new way of looking at the issue a? Organization of your writing with attention to overall coherence, transitions, balance between parts, and the relationship of part to whole a? Understanding of the conventions of academic discourse at Stanford (correct usage, diction, syntax, grammar, and documentation format) a? Documentation of sources cited using MLA style in the body and the Works Cited page a? Insertion of images according to academic convention and printed in clear ink, clean paper, in color, if appropriate. a? No typos, careless errors, or proofreading mistakes that decrease credibility and destroy ethos. a? The final essay must be a minimum of 8 pages, not including the cover page or the works cited page. a? The essay must include a minimum of TEN academic sources