Nglish World Literature: Analysis of How Far Antigones and Oedipuss adherence to principles contributes to their downfall

The title is: Analysis of How Far Antigones and Oedipuss adherence to principles contribute to their downfall”

The answer should come from two books, Antigone, Oedipus the King, ElectraBy Sophocles (Oxford Worlds Classics) and Antigoneby Jean Anouilh translated by Barbara Bray.

Both books have a stort about the character Antigone, but the Antigone I want to be analyzed is the one in Jean Anouilhs version; the story about Antigone in Sophocles book should not be taken into account. Oedipus the King is the only story in Sophocles book that requires to be read.

After both books are read, you will see that Antigone chooses death over life due to the fact that her brother was not given the proper burial. In similitude, Oedipus the king chooses to kill himself due to his adherence to principles and commitment to a pledge he once made, even though as the king he could disregard what he has said before.

These things have to be taken into consideration when the paper is being written (The IB Descriptors for Written paper)

1Understanding of the text (Excellent understanding of the thought and feeling expressed in the text as well as some of the subtleties of the text) As well as detailed and persuasive references to the text.)

2Interpretation of the Text (The ideas in the essay are convincing and include an appropriate and considered personal response. The analysis is consistently detailed and persuasively illustrated by carefully chosen examples)

3Appreciation of Literary Features (Detailed and persuasive appreciation of the effects of literary features of the text. The analysis is detailed and illustrated by carefully chosen examples. )

4Presentation. (Purposeful and effective structure to the essay. Supporting examples are well integrated into the body of the essay)

5Formal use of language. (There should be clear, varied, precise and concise use of language. No significant lapses in grammar, spelling and sentence construction. There should also be precise use of wide vocabulary and varied idiom and style. Finally you should have effective choice of register)

P.S: If the writer sees that it would be beneficial to slightly change the title question to make the essay topic concerning something more interesting and could be written better then feel free to. We were given free choice to write about any title we make up, but we have to use both books and it must be from either  Antigone (Jean Anouilhs version) or  Oedipus the king .