Nglish: Write a review of a film and then examine/talk about your review

The idea is to write a film review about a film of your choosing and then talk about/discuss the review.

Please review the film In The Loop”

In this piece of coursework, youall need to show your abilities to:
use analytical techniques
use technical terminology (film language)
write in a style that follows the requirements of a particular genre
write in a style that suits a specific audience and purpose
When you analyse a text or topic, you break it down by identifying key elements of the content. Youll need to think about how these elements work on their own as well as how they contribute to the overall effect.
Reviewing and commenting
What do you have to do?
You will have to develop a series of opinions about your text. Your opinions should be interesting or useful to your reader.
You might also be asked to develop a series of recommendations about your text.
You will write about your opinions using a style and tone that suggests they are fair, well-informed, convincing and trustworthy.
You might need to give reasons or provide support for your opinions.