Nhanced Neonatal Nursing practice: Clinical Interpretation of Chest X ray

My assignment is about a specific care intervention to critically examine the professional,ethical,legal,political and contemporary issues when undertaking a neonatal nursing enhanced role.This is based upon the Gibbs Reflective Cycle (Gibbs G (1998)Learning by Doing:A Guide to Teaching and Learning Methods EMU Oxford)which are: Description (What happened)
Feelings (What were you thinking and feeling?)
Evaluation (What was good and bad about the experience?)
Analysis(What sense can you make of the situation?)
Conclusion (What else could you have done?)
Action Plan (If it arose again what would you do?)
Keep introduction short,body of essay 3000 to 3500 words,evaluation and analysis could be together, analysis where marks are pick up.
The topic of this esssay is interpretation of a chest xray,dont focus on the intervention rather use intervention to pin other issues on to ie. role as a professional.professional accountability
local guidelines,legal accountability etc.Focus on other issues a 31+6 weeks premature baby raises.
This essay concerns the care of a premature baby born at 31+6 weeks who was remarkably grunting with subcostal and intercostal recession has had poor blood gas results,needing endotracheal intubation,ETT was fixed 9cm at the lips. Following this procedure a Chest Xray was required to confirm ETT position. Chest Xray revealed ETT in Right main bronchus it needs to be pulled back by 1.5cm.Junior doctor not available to see Chest Xray
prior to pulling back ETT.
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PS. These are just a few of the referrences, I have got lots of journal references that would be of help for you. Is it ok to send them to you? you dont have to send them back.