Nhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS) PATHWAY (NURSING PATHWAY)

My approved chosen pathway is the Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) about (post-operative recovery and management of complications)

Type of Assessments:

Case study a case study of a pathway drawn from concurrent clinical placement in which the student draws on the evidence base for practice in order to analyse the assessment and care planning process.

Description of task
Task a 3000 word case study analysing the assessment and care planning process.

The student must:
1. Select a patient pathway from current clinical placement experience.

2. Justify the selection of the pathway with reference to national and local agendas.

3. Analyse the assessment strategies utilised within the selected pathway from a bio-psycho-social perspective ( 2 of each required). This discussion should be underpinned by reference to contemporary evidence.

4. Providing examples from practice, consider ways in which the assessment of the patients on the pathway impacts upon the care planning process.

5. Care should be taken not to breach confidentiality in the case study.

The student should remember:
Confidentiality of patients and health care trusts is essential throughout all assignments

Harvard referencing

Do not specify which Trust you are referring to
i??When providing case scenarios provide an explanation of why you are calling your patient a?Joana
i??Reference the NMC when discussing confidentiality
i??Further reference Human Rights Act if applicable
i??All assignments should have a reference to the NMC and/or RCN

First paragraph a include what you intend to discuss in this assignment a re-word the criteria presented

National and local agendas a
a ¦How the national and local agendas informed the pathway
a ¦How the pathway provides information to support and demonstrate national and local agendas
a ¦Wide range of national policies impact on each pathway, understanding which aspect of the relevant pathways
a ¦Analysis of the pathway with regard to the national and local policies

i??Psychological assessment
a ¦Further in depth discussion on the importance of psychological assessment
a ¦If not completed in your scenario discuss the implications of not addressing this element
a ¦Assessment strategies a always need to be reference and the evidence base discussed

Examples from practice
a ¦Clearly introduce your patient with some context, so the reader apply your comments to your patient
a ¦Discuss the assessment and then discuss the application and results to your patient
a ¦Refer back to your patient for each new assessment discussed
a ¦Again Level 5 so needs to be in depth discussion, perhaps chose 2 or 3 assessments to allow this, rather than all assessments