Nhancing business performance in e-learning (Management & Economics of E-Business)

Outline of assignment

Introduction and the problem of the essay
What is e-business
the opportunity
new approaches for e-learning
orginational requirement for e-learning
the models of business performance and expectation

IS477 Management & Economics of E-Business

Individual Research Essay

You are asked to produce an essay that addresses the following question:

Consider a problem (not a case) concerning the Management & Economics of E-Business within a particular context. Using an appropriate theory or conceptual framework, produce a research proposal that addresses the problem.

” This could be a business, organisational, social or technical problem. However, remember that these dimensions are normally linked; in other words, what appears to be a technical problem, with a technical solution, may have considerable social, business or organisational implications. The problem should be both interesting and relevant to the overall syllabus of IS.477.
” You could consider a particular (type of) organisation, economic sector, country (or region), etc.
Literature review
” You need to contextualise the problem within the specific literature. From this should emerge a gap or conflict in the literature that can form the basis for your research question.
Theory/Conceptual framework
” Whatever topic you choose, there must be a section that describes the theory/conceptual framework chosen. You should justify your choice (with reference to the problem) and show how you will operationalise the theory/framework.
Research design
” Here you should describe and justify the research methodology and the outline design (e.g. for interviews: Which (type of) organisations? Which people? Which interview themes?)
Discussion Expectations and risks
” What do you expect to emerge from the research? What are the risks (of the research going wrong)? In a sense, these are the strengths and weaknesses of the combination of theory, context, and research design chosen.
” Summary and final message.

a) You should select your topic and submit a half-page proposal by February 9th by email to Steve (s.smithsonlse.ac.uk). You are welcome to come and talk to Steve or Antonio about this.
b) The essay should not exceed 5,000 words.
c) The deadline for submission is Monday 31 March 2008 and the normal penalties will be applied for late submission. The submission must be done using Moodle.
e) The ideas (not the text) from the work can normally be re-used in preparing for the summer dissertation.
f) This essay counts for 50% of the final evaluation of this unit.