Nhancing community intergration(Intercrative mental health work)

I am a studying diploma in mental health in New zealand and previosly I have plced the order (order no 125742) from you and it was a good work. I am happy to use the same writter if possible.Will I get any discount this time?

I will atteched and a story for this essey once I recived my order number.I need 15 to 20 references preferebly web and two books.

Read the story(atteched) of Mary and Andrewin the Sun Will Shine Again: Stories of survival and optimism in the face of mental illnes. Fahy & Lysaght. Schizophernia Fellowship

Discribe your ideas for community integration to the story.
Discuss your reason for these ideas.
in the dicussion include defferent perespective of family and community and the application of these perspectives to the story;responses of family and community to mental illness;environmental niches in relation to recovery in mental health.