Nhancing learning through architecture. Natural light in learning environments

I have to hand in my 1st draft for my thesis in 5 days. The final has to be around the 10 thousand words.
if I send you my abstract and the sources (some pdf files and word documents that have the information you will need, and if you can use also some sources and books you have) in how many days is the soonest you can send me a draft of 4 to 5 thousand words? And then I will contact with you again for the final.

I am studying architecture, this is my final year. My thesis is on learning environments(elementary schools) and how natural light influence students learning outcomes, behaviour, concentration and creativity.

What I would like to content in the thesis are :

does natural lighting effects students performance and well being? And if it does to what extent?
what are best architectural design methods that implicate light and more precisely natural lighting, (I.e windows, skylights, view windows…)that it can be used in order to create the optimum learning environment for students
what other aspects come along with the implication of the maximum natural lighting( maximum in manners of quality and quantity) in the learning environment? Views, noise, materials, colours, in and out site relationship, orientation
what are the benefits of implicating natural lighting in learning environments and what are the negatives? How can they get compromised and avoided when necessary in order to have the best possible architectural design for a learning space?