Nhancing Occupational Safety and Environmental Health while Adapting to Alternative Fuels

This Proposalis for a master level paper in the area of Management Occupational Safety and Environmental Health. My advisor as indicated he would like me to go toward the area of alternative fuels with a focus on Biodiesel (if possible). I have been trying to research and write, but having a problem that is why I am seeking assistance. Please keep in mind that the major program of study is Occupational Safety and Health. **** This proposal is for the assistance for approval to write a capsone research paper ****. The title I propose to you is Enhancing Occupational Safety and Environmental Health while Adapting to Alternative Fuels but, again open to suggestions.

I have written what I believe to be a proposal, but feel is does not meet the intent of the program requirements. My thoughts were perhaps a brief history, dependence on fossil fuels from other countries, governmental interventions and how alternative fuels are better for individuals in the workplace and the environment just to name a few.

If the proposal goes well I may seek assistance for the Capstone as well if the writer is interested.

********IMPORTANT ********
The project proposal defines the projects purpose, significance, expected outcomes, and methodology or design.

Proposal Requirements

The proposal should include the following information:
I. Abstract of Project Proposal
II. Statement of Project Purpose, Need, and Significance
III. Introduction of Topic and Brief Literature Review
IV. Statement of Project Objectives, Propositions, Hypotheses, and/or Expected Outcomes
V. Project Design or Methodology
VI. Any approvals needed before proceeding. (human subjects)