Nhancing Supply Chain through Auditing, A managerial approach in reducing Operation Disturbances in supply management

revision instructions: The paper is not up to required standards. Lack of references, grammatical and proofreading drawbacks. Major part has not been done (data analysis, table of contents, etc.). However, word count was met. + the customers comments on the message board + attachment #14

++++++++++++++++FROM ADMIN+++++++++++++++++++
Please note that draft has to be submitted each other week to show progress.

I have attached some documents to the writer and you to direct you make this a success
Documents include
1 a slight descrription of the problem in the company
2 a sketch of work that I had/have drafted towards fulfillment of the paper
3 Problem statement and the methods that I intend to use during on the way to completion and solving the problem
4 A paper which can guide the writer by shading some slight picture of what I would like to get.
More clarification will be given to the writer as soon as I get one

Will be sent as attachment