Nhancing the patient experience-Open University

This is a follow on essay from the last TMA 01.
The question is Using the patient journey and challenges that you identified in TMA 01 as the basis for analysis, identify and critically examine the learning and subsequent implications for your practice resulting from this exploration.

There was feedback from the last TMA 01 if you want to have a look or i can email it to you. Please could you refer to the module guide more which is on my open university student site online and use this as one or more of the references. My login is A9963796 and password is isabelle29. I will regular check my account if you have any questions.

Nhancing the patient experience-Open University

This is a open university module. Some of the module material needs to be referenced in the assignment.
This is an email that i received from the tutor and it explains things that need to include in the assignment.

Good rainy afternoon….

Hows things going with your studying, reading, writing and anything else?

Well TMA01 is due in the not too distant future so a few tips to help with your preparation:

Below are some comments in addition to the Guidelines offered for TMA01 in the module material:

Firstly a reminder of the question:

With reference to your reading on hearing the patientas voice and person-centred care, highlight a patient journey in which you have been involved, identifying the healthcare challenges of that journey for the patient and their supporters.

Critically discuss how each of the key challenges you have identified affected the patient and their supporters.

Append a short description of your chosen patient journey to your work (it will not be included in the word count).

So what can i do to write this?

a. Remember that the case study is going to be used for both TMA01 and TMA02 so careful selection is important

b. Please check with me about the case so i can give you some advice

c. Read the assignment and referencing guidance carefully as there is lots of information about the question, the possible structure for the assignment and how it is marked:


d. The focus of the assignment is about the journey and then the challenges so it isnt a case study exploring every single thing. Listening to the person and reflecting on their journey should be a really important thing for you to do

e. Focus on challenges when exploring the journey these arent criticisms but the things that happened. They can be positive, negative or in the middle!

f. A biggy dont breach confidentiality that is in naming places, people or staff anywhere in your assignment

g. DONaT forget to include reference to the module materials, authors concepts, research and literature through your work. A simple question as you write is to ask How do i know thatsupport for the point might come from practice but it also might need to use academic sources

h. Ahh…referencing. Its one of those things we have to do. So have a read of the guidance and make sure you stick to it. Make sure references are the same in the essay and in your list. If in doubt look at the reference examples and follow what they do…

i. Plagiarism….a dirty word but most of the time easy to avoid. Reference, use your own words and where needed identify quotes with the author and date. If you are worried about this or stuck either check with me or Library and Information they are really helpful.

Thats probably enough to keep you going!

All the best John

I am a school health nurse and The area i work is with overweight children and helping them to loose weight. We first identify the overweight by the National Child Measurement Programme where parents receive a feedback letter informing them of their childs recent height and weight measurement. If the childs BMI is above the 91st centime then the child is overweight. Parents are then offered support and advice around healthy eating and physical activity in order for their child to loose weight. If the assignment could be based around this as a further assignment is also due at the end of August and needs to continue from this assignment.

It will probably help if you have a look the module for your self as it explains everything that needs to included for TMA01. On the Open University website MY USERNAME IS A9963796 and the password is isabelle29. This will help enormously.