Nheuser-Busch and Harbin Brewery Group of China Case

please follow the exact format as the file attached ( adiddas case).
that is :

I. CUrrent SItuation
A. Current Performance in 2004 (ratio analyses and/or change ( percentage change ) over time in key market and financial over time. YOur task is to analyses and discover possible problems facing the company, not just present data.

B. COrporate governance ( who are the board of directors and what is their level in involvement in strategic management.
C. Top management.

II. External Environment
A. General environment ( what general environment forces are currently affecting both the organizationl and the industries in which it competes)
B. Industry environment(what key factors in the immediate environment currently affect the organizationa as opportunities or threats? what firms are major competitors?

C. SUmmary of external forces

III. Internal Environment (Strengths and Weaknesses)

B.Organizational Activities Analysis
research and development and etc
-does those activities provide the company with a competitive advantage

C. Capabilities/Core competencies of the firm

D. Summary of internal factors

Iv. ANalysis of strategic factors
V. Identification of strategic issues
It is challenge as an obstacle to a firms future success. Strategic recommendations must address all strategic issues identified.
VI. strategic alternatives and recommendations
VII. Evaluation and COntrol.