Ni SpA: Building an International Energy Major

Useful assignment questions:
1.What is Enias corporate strategy?
2.Evaluate Enias corporate strategy. How well aligned is Enias strategy with (a) the characteristics and requirements of its industry environment and (b) Enias resources and capabilities?
3.Looking ahead over Enias next 4-year planning period (2013-6), what are the main issues that face the company? How should Eni allocate its resources across its different businesses and between different geographical areas? In particular:
a.Should Eni divest its chemicals business? What about its engineering, construction and oilfield services subsidiary (Saipem)?
b.Should Eni seek to establish itself as a major supplier of electrical power? Should it invest in renewable energy sources (e.g. wind power)?
c.What should Enias international strategy bea especially in relation to its downstream businesses (Refining and Marketing; Gas and Power)?
4.Should Mr. Scaroni initiate organizational changes with regard to organizational structure, management systems, and corporate culture?
(NOTE: Do not answer each questions separately. The case study should be an essay)