Nimal Rights Movement in the US during the 1900s

Research paper on the animal rights movement in the US during the 1900s.
The paper must include:
-Introduction (must set the stage with historical background)
-A specific thesis statement (a one or two sentence original argument or analysis of the topic)
-Basic Information (who, what, where, when)
-What are the larger themes that surrounded your topic during the time? What led up to it? What was going on during the time it occurred?
-Causes (motivation, why?)
-Consequences (important short term and long term results)
-Opinion (what did you learn about American then and now; what larger themes does your topic reflect?)
-A comparison to a person, event, action, idea, etc. that is similar in some way; it may derive from another time or place in history
-At least 1 primary and one secondary source for each paragraph-be sure to use in-depth secondary sources (books, journal articles, etc.), WIKI SOURCES ARE NOT PERMITTED

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Footnotes are required as well as an annotated bibliography. All facts, ideas, or paraphrased material must be cited.

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Books must be included as sources