Nimal Senses Biology magnetoreception mechanism on Migratory Birds

Your term paper should be a logically-organized treatment focusing on the research
presented in your 5 or 10 primary literature publications. You should integrate the results
of the papers by showing how the results of each paper relate to one another, and also
relate the results to background information you received in class, the text, and any other secondary sources (review papers, science books, Wikipedia). Relate the points made in the article to the overall topic of your term paper.
The main difference between your term paper and your summaries is that you should not describe each paper in isolation, or make them separate sections of your term paper. Ideally, your term paper sections will describe results from a few papers, and results from each paper may appear in multiple sections. This is just an example, but Subtopic 1could be the Anatomy of the sensory system”, Subtopic 2 could be theElectrophysiological responses of the sensory system”, and Subtopic 3 could be theMolecular basis of the sensory system”. Or, using bats as an example, one topic couldbe using timing of the echo to determine range, and another could be using frequency comparisons to determine range. There are many ways you could logically organize your results.
Your term paper should not include any figures or tables, but each time you refer to
results you should note where the result came from (i.e. Fig 5, Redondo and Murray
2005). At the end of the term paper you need to list all of your references (not just the 5
or 10 primary ones) and they should be listed in alphabetical order by last name of the
first author). Each reference should be formatted exactly as described in the instructions
on references. If the resource is a web page source, you should make an effort to
determine if it is from a reliable source, and include its URL. If you use unreliable
sources, your grade may reflect this.
The term paper needs to be written in your own words, and without using jargon that
people outside this course would not understand. Assume your audience is a student like
yourself, but who has not taken this course, and write to them in words they can
As with your summaries this website as a useful guide, especially #4 (Evaluating a
paper). Make sure your term paper addresses each these six questions.
1. IntroductionGive your reader the background necessary to understand all of the
research you are going to be describing. This introduction should be written for any
biology student, such as yourself before taking this class. This could be short, or very
long, depending on what you think the reader needs to know in order to understand
2. Subtopic A (give this section the specific name of your subtopic)some papers may
describe similar types of research. Each of these sections should address questions AF
as described in the Evaluating a paperwebsite. You also need to relate the results
to your overall term paper topic.
3. Subtopic B
4. Subtopic C
5. Conclusion
A. Describe the state of recent research
B. Describe the unanswered questions; what should be studied next.