Nimated Comedy Analysis (comparison and discuss)


3) Discuss ANY aspects of an animated comedy (Family Guy, American Dad,
Archer, South Park, The Simpsons, etc.) that regularly makes social critiques/ commentaries involving race, gender, sexuality or class issues. How is animated comedy different from live action comedy in that regard? What [SPECIFICALLY] do adult-themed animated sitcoms a?get away witha? that regular/live-action sitcoms do not? You may need to compare/contrast specific animated shows to live action sitcoms or films when answering this question.

*****Remember: the MINIMUM page length is 5 FULL pages, typed/double-spaced [1a? margins top to bottom, side to side], and the MINIMUM number of [legitimatea i.e. academic, reliable] research sources is 3-5...the idea being that you should basically/theoretically have one quote per page from a different research source, if your paper is only 5 pages long. If you have ANY confusion about the required minimums, PLEASE ask mea otherwise, if you do not meet them, your grade WILL be an automatic a?D.a?