Njoying A Media Experience That People Dont Like

The media experience mentioned in the following prompt is going to be Action Movies:

Identify, describe, and defend a media experience that you enjoy but that others feel is a waste of time, stupid, immoral, or offensive. It might be something that is commonly looked down on, deemed trashy, juvenile, dumb, even dangerousa something that people like yourself are not suppose to enjoy. It might be something that you feel guilty about doing (but do anyway), or something that you take seriously while others do not. You can write about almost any sort of media experience you wanta a TV show, a magazine, a performer, a band, a kind of music, a certain type of movie, a form of fictiona anything you want.

Your audience for this essay: people who do not appreciate it.

When writing the essay, consider the following questions:

a? First, what is your topic and what is your claim?
a? Second, what are the reasons (supports) why you like this media experience?
a? Third, can you give concrete examples of and explanation for what you like?
a? Fourth, what donat people like about the media experience? What are their objections?
a? Finally, how can you refute or accommodate those objections?

This essay must:

be at least 3 full pages in length

have a title

be typed using Times New Roman 12-pt. font, double-spaced, and

be formatted with 1-inch margins in MLA format

Feel free to email for details