NLD and its product Nutritional Supplements

This paper must be original, which it means that the similarity score of the originality of the paper must be not higher than 30 percent. Please sorry if I capitalized some words, but I just do it so that way you donat forget the important things that needs to be in the paper. Please This assignment has ONE VERY IMPORTANT document that itas a guide of what the paper needs to be included to accomplished an excellent paper. I believe you must read this document before you do the actual assignment; so that way you understand what exactly needs to be in the paper.
Please keep in mind that my product chosen is Nutritional supplements and the company is GNLD. Basically the questions from this assignment NEEDS to be answer about MY PRODUCT CHOSEN, which is nutritional supplements and the company GNLD. Please keep in MIND that my product is NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS. However, I will send you two important websites that will help you with this paper. Please only use credible sources and DO NOT USE WIKIPEDIA, QUICKMBA.COM, MARKETINGPROFS.COM, ETC. Please stay away from these websites. Also please focus ONLY in what my teacher is looking to see in the paper, which its explained in that document, and I will upload after I send these instructions. Please again FOLLOW MY PROFESSOR instructions, this person is very strict and doesnat give excellent grades to no one very often. This assignment needs to be 3 PAGES for only the body of the work, and thatas a requirement of this project; please keep that in MIND. Please this assignment is to be written only in third person. Please this assignment must include in-text citations and CREDIBLE references in APA format ( I think 4 references will be enough, but not less than four references).A very IMPORTANT POINT, Please use only WEB RESOURCES FOR THIS PAPER. Please try to do a lot paraphrasing in the whole paper and not have too large of direct quotes. For this assignment I do need an ABSTRACT page with no more than 75 words. Please I do need an INTRODUCTION with 4 sentences will be enough. Also I do need a CONCLUSION at the end of the paper, with 4 sentences will be fine. Please be very ORGANIZED in the paper and make sure the whole paper flowed very well and please write subsequent titles to separate the ideas of the paper, thus thatas an excellent point, because my professor likes to see that. This assignment has FIVE questions to answer; please only focus on those FIVE questions and please be very SPECIFIC and with SUFFICIENT DETAIL. Please a very important point I need you to separate each answer with the number of each question, so that way it will be easier to follow and understand. I will upload one important document after I send you these instructions. Please DO NOT STATE the scenario in the paper. Iam uploading the assignment:

Scenario given:

To correctly identify opportunities and threats to their product, Marketing Managers need to understand the marketing environment in which the products operate.

1. Research web resource ONLY on the industry in which your product/service operates. (MY PRODUCT IS NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS and company name is GNLD.

2. Identify three (3) marketing environment forces that will impact this type of product/service. Please separate each market force. For example, market force 1, and so on.

2. A. Describe each force and analyze why & how it will impact the product/service.

3. Explore strategies to overcome the threats.

4. Explore strategies to capitalize on opportunities.

Please remember to use only web resources in APA format. Thank you so much for your help. Please remember that the use of direct quotes is strongly discouraged for this professor. Thank you so much for your help.