Nlightenment, the French Revolution, and 19th Century Isms

Marx famously called the French Revolution of 1789 a i??bourgeois revolutioni?? because it removed the economic and legal barriers to the development of industrial capitalism. The loosening of Old Regime restrictions and the simultaneous occurrence of the Industrial Revolution created a context in which the European middle classes rose to prominence over the course of the nineteenth century.

During the French Revolution (1789) and for some time thereafter, the middle classes represented a revolutionary force. However, by the end of the nineteenth century, most members of the middle classes were more interested in suppressing revolutionary activity than taking part in it.

Why do you think this was the case? What changes occurred between roughly 1800 and 1900 that influenced this shift?
A superior essay response with consider various economic, cultural, political, and social factors and will incorporate evidence from lecture and the sources. Make sure to have an overarching argument/thesis and to use specific historical details to prove your point(s).

1. There is no i??righti?? answer! If you do the readings and pay attention during lectures and discussions, youi??ll have all the information you need to argue many different sides. The point is to use what knowledge youi??re acquiring in our class to solve a puzzle and to allow anyone reading your exam to follow your logic.

*Think like a lawyer: You doni??t have to be right, but you must be convincing given the evidence.

2. You doni??t need to go outside of course readings to answer these questions. In fact, the more you can draw from the books (including the textbook!), lectures, and discussions, the more impressed Ii??ll be.

3. Use specific examples to back up your assertions.

4. Use a thesis and topic sentences. If you are unfamiliar with these terms, look them up.

5. Further tips for a Clear Argument

Thesis (Answer the prompt using the key words from prompt)
Topic Sentences (Use key words from thesis)
Specific Evidence (Use the terms! Quote the sources!)
Analysis: How does it work for your argument
Your answer should be 2-2.5 pages single-spaced, 12pt font, standard margins.

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