Nlysis of the Russian real estate market

Analysis of the Russian real estate for foreign investors
1. Terms of reference
This section has to state what is the report is going to be about. It has to briefly summarize key issues raised in the paper. Also it has to describe the sources used to produce the report.
2. Methodology
This section is, the qualitative (readings) and quantitative (interviews, statistics, data, etc.) tools that you used to analyze your topic/question. Here you have to incorporate a clear statement of the means, methodology and research design that you will employ to answer your topic/question.

3. Findings
Has to include analysis of the Russian real estate market in the time frame of 2004-2007 using various market analysis tools i.e PEST. Talk about opportunities and threats on the market including government aspect, labor, economy development etc.
Here describe/analyze positive and negative experiences of foreign investors in Russian real estate market. Talk about obstacles for a foreign investor.
Also talk about aspects like: culture differences, mentality etc.
4. Conclusion (to the company)
Conclude the report
5. Recommendations (if any to the company)
6. Bibliography
7. Appendences
If a company/investment group were to invest in Russia produce a recommendation describing why it should invest in the Russian market and also what precautions it should take before going into the market.

Other Comments:

The main idea of the paper is to produce an analysis of the Russian real estate market for a foreign investor. In a sense this paper is a guide to the Russian real estate market. Preferably the report has to be generally focused on Moscow.

It has to make an investor interested in the market but on the other hand outline possible risks and threats for a FOREIGN investor. It has to be produced only for FOREIGN investors. It is important to include various experiences of foreign companies on this market to produce a clearer picture.

The report has to include various graphs and statistical data both in the report and the appendeces.
The report has to be 5000 words including bibliography. The bibliography has to include not less than 15 sources (books, newspapers, websites, interviews and statistical data.)