NN or Fox News Economic topic and summary contrast and evaluation

***Important Note ***Assignment is due by 11:59PM Eastern Standard Time on September 17, 2011***

Go online to CNN of Fox News. Pick a story that involves an economic topic. Write a brief summary of the story and search out at least one other source that discusses the topic. Include summary that contrasts the two sources of information in a two page, typed report along with your evaluation of the topic.

Complete each class report in Microsoft Word.

No title pages is necessary, but include your name(Eric C Reyes), Micro online, and Class Report (# 2) in the header.

Use 12 pt type

Any additional sources of information should be included at the end of your paper using APA or MLA style

Do not write in the first person. For example, do not start your paper with a?I chose the articlea? or a?I believea?. Instead use the following writing style:
In the article, a?The Federal Reserve Todaya? written by Ollie Trumball, the author theorizes that the Federal Reserve (FED) has taken more responsibility than sanctioned by its charter.

If you do include your comments or opinions, do not write a?I feel that the U.S. economy has been in a recession since early 2008a?. Instead write: a?Using the information provided, it appears that the U.S. economy has been in a recession since early 2008.