Nn Radcliffe and the Gothic movement behing her literature

Assignment: Author ANN RADCLIFFE!

Research an author s background: the time period and (Gothic) movement. Examine correlation(s) between the author s background and his or her writing. Write an analytical essay that leads to plausible conclusions about how personal history and/or experience may have influenced the author s work.
1. As you research, determine what specific factors in the author s life may have influenced his or her writing.
2. Consider how an author s personal history has influenced or even directed the creation of a body of literature.
3. Research a variety of sources, beyond that which can be found in the author s biography, to inform you about the time period, culture, etc.
4. Read and examine a collection of the author s pieces, at least three. Look for commonalities in the writing, in the: subject, style, approach, tone, voice, intent, structure, etc., that may have been influenced by his/her background.

Your paper must:

” Have a clear thesis statement and a focused argument.
” Examine several common literary elements found in the body of the author s work that illustrate how his/her background has influenced the work.
” Support all claims and conclusions by thoughtful and detailed analyses of relevant textual evidences. Everything should point back to your thesis.
” Be written in a very clear, logical structure:
o Introduction:
 Begin with an engaging lead to  hook or  draw in the reader.
 Clearly state your thesis
 Indicate specific areas of support
o The body of the paper must include:
 A detailed account of the time period, culture, or other pertinent factors in the author s background, with a focus on those aspects that could have influenced the author s writing.
 Analyses of the author s work (the selections you use to prove your argument).
 A detailed analysis of the  cause and effect, of how background influenced the product. (This is the bulk of your paper.)
o Conclusion:
 Briefly refer to (if applicable, complete) your lead.
 Summarize your main points.
 Restate your thesis.

” Include a Works Cited page, and use in-text citations (MLA Style)
o Research a minimum of four sources about a factor in the author s background.
 At least one source must be a peer reviewed journal article from a databases.(EX: PROQUEST, FACTS ON FILE) The other three sources are optional as long as they are reliable. Wikipedia is NOT reliable.
o Use and Cite at least three pieces by the author