Nnotated Bibliograpgy Hypnosis / Psychology

Hi, I will upload all the instructions and sample papers of this assignment.

But Briefly, it is an annotated Bibliography, should be of reliable sources
and good articles on the topic Hypnosis.(Not from google..) A Correct Title page
and Referencing is essential.

Please check uploads for the samples and instructions.

It should be 15 articles total,
“15 scientific articles and produce an ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY.
The articles must be relevant to the factors that will be
examined in your research study:
a? absorption and hypnotizability
a? imagery and hypnotizability
a? empathy and hypnotizability

You will also look for articles that address how the time
at which questionnaires are administered affects
hypnotizability. ”

Sample Articles and instructions in the attachment..

Thank you.