Nnotated Bibliography and Synthesis of scholarly Journals

I need a two page Annotated Bibliography and Synthesis of Scholarly Journals. It is for my Social Stratification class. I need to pick two journals that relate to sociology and one must be an empirical research article. The paper consist of summarizing the articles separately(one article at a time) in less than 4 short sentences. State the arguments of each article in two paragraphs (8 sentences). Describe the evidence (data and method). What are the key findings? What is/are the theory or theories implicit and/explicit in the article. Evaluate the article considering methods and data used. Are there limitations of the data and method used? Synthesize the articles(how are they similar and different). I will be graded on if i cited the material correctly. Did i summarize the articles. Did i state the arguments clearly in a few paragraphs. Did i describe the evidence/methods considered? Did i mention the theory? Did i evaluate the piece. Did i synthesize the articles. No more than 2 double spaced pages with 1 and 1/2 margins on all sides. 12 point time roman font. The citation she wants is in ASA style and she wants the citation at the very beginning.