Nnotated Bibliography-Cold War (John Lewis Gaddis)

My topic proposal will focus on whose responsibility was it for the Cold War? My outcome for my final paper would be to debate John Lewis Gaddis position of the Cold War, by utilizing his own systematic work, but also arguing that Gaddis reflects more unfavorably on the United States, and favorably on the U.S.S.R., than he would like to admit. By utilizing a complete and genuine post-revisionist scope which will help me in allocating a debatable and fair notion of both sides of Cold War. For example, the Cold War, reflects a principle notion for the cause of the United States foreign policy. One major inquiry asked in any historiography notion of the Cold War is simply, whose responsibility was it? Or who was to blame? It is debatable by many scholars and historians the extensive diversity of exploration regarding the notion it has become a directed study in many academic arenas to refer to four institutions regarding the origins of the Cold War: The Orthodox View; Revisionist View; Post-Revisionist View and Post-Cold War historians. My job will be to do an extensive and accurate assessment of the debates, and thoughts regarding the expectations of the future of the Cold War.

Overview: In this milestone, you will submit an annotated bibliography. The annotated bibliography will allow you to conduct and analyze research and potential sources for your historiographic essay.

Prompt: Submit an annotated bibliography of five to seven sources for your final project. Summarize the content of each resource, and then analyze how these resources support your topic. Finally, evaluate the different interpretations on the topic based on the chosen resources.