Nnotated bibliography for book Parenting after divorce

Annotated Bibliography: Provide an annotated bibliography (summary/review of peer-reviewed empirical research articles published within the past 10 years) with 5 articles that either support or refute the information found in the book you reviewed. In addition, provide a copy for me and attach copies of the articles/ chapters in the bibliography. Use APA format for references.
An annotated bibliography is a list of references (usually articles or chapters; do not include book reviews ),each described in 3-5 sentences( e.g., if it was a study, describe the sample and findings). Include enough information to be useful to your classmates and to show me that you read and comprehended the article or chapter. Make sure to specify how the findings supported or refuted the information for the book you reviewed. (but you do not need a sentence about the author).
The book :Parenting After Divorce Resolving Conflicts and meeting your childrens needs. by Philip M. Stahl (2007).