Nnotated Bibliography for Informative Essay

This is the Annotated Bibliography for the Informative Essay (Order #XXXXXX). Ive attached the instruction of the annotated bibliography.
Among the sources, one should be the core reading How Schools Kill Creativity”, another five should can be found in Ivy Tech Library, the rest can be your choice.
Please send me a message if you cannot access to the Ivy Tech Library, Ill give you an access.
This order is very very important to me, so please complete it on time. And let me know once you have any question. Thank you very much!!!!

Added on 18.03.2015 23:44
The following is the link for the core reading:
For the access of Ivy Tech Library, ILl give you my username and password. You can us it to access to the library.
username: rliu1
password: Ivytech+657
(The password is case sensitive)
Thank you!